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International Men’s Health Week (June 15-21) aims to highlight men’s health in all its forms. This week is about working together to create positive environments to support the physical and mental wellbeing of men and boys everywhere.

Stereotypes and social pressures can impact the physical and mental wellbeing of men and boys in our community. Work is one area where traditionally men feel an obligation to serve as ‘providers’ to gain a sense of self-worth.

Terry turned to Afford’s Disability Employment Services (DES) in late 2019. Finding work that he enjoyed and that suited his abilities would give him purpose and happiness in life

His history in finding employment had left Terry with little self-confidence. He was motivated and interested in working, but struggles with his health and communication often stood in the way of employers taking him on and giving him a go.

He met with employment consultants, Ahmad and Jennifer, at Afford DES in Bankstown. They listened to his employment goals and talked with Terry about the unique abilities that he could bring to a role.

Ahmad and Jennifer identified that Terry had an interest in cleaning roles. They reached out to their business connections in a variety of industries for any opportunities that could benefit Terry.

Menai Car Repairs was in search of a good cleaner for their business. The location also suited Terry, as it wasn’t too far from his home.

Terry met with the owner, Negam and showed a keen interest in the job and training opportunities. After intensive training with Negam and Afford consultants, Terry embraced his new cleaning role with gusto!

Shortly after starting his job, the global pandemic impacted many local businesses, including Negam’s. A decline in customers and income meant that Negam considered closing the doors to her business.

Terry’s new job was suddenly at risk. Negam contacted Ahmad at Afford to explain the situation and the possibility of having to cease Terry’s employment.

To support both Terry and Negam through tough times, Ahmad discussed the Government’s Job Keeper initiative with Negam.

Negam sought advice and registered for the Job Keeper initiative for her business. Menai Car Repairs continued operating throughout COVID-19, which enabled Terry to continue working.

For Terry, being able to continue his job has meant a lot to him. After several years of searching for the right role, Menai Car Repairs was a workplace where he felt confident in his abilities.

Support from Afford DES consultants secured lasting work for Terry and supported Negam’s business through difficult times. Big wins for both parties and the wider community.

The employment experience with DES has helped Terry’s overall mental wellbeing and made him confident in his abilities continues to grow. He has found a job that gives him purpose and meaning in life.

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