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The footy season has begun and our residents are making the most of the energetic atmosphere that comes with the launch of the NRL football seasons.

Residents, Wesley, Jeremy and Marcus, of our Empire group home, were excited to get out on the field to develop their football skills and, most importantly, enjoy playing a game they love!

That’s the Afford Lifestyle

The trio love the outdoors and regularly go out for picnics in the park or go for walks around their local area. As part of the Afford Lifestyle, Lifestyle Assistants at their group home are always looking for ways to support residents participate in activities that interest them and encourage healthy lifestyles.

After realising that Wesley, Jeremy and Marcus all had an interest in outdoor play and rugby league, Lifestyle Assistants suggested that they have a go at Try Time to see if it something that they like.

Trying New Experiences

The Try Time Rugby League was established to provide a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment where individuals with special needs and intellectual disabilities can play Rugby League in their local community.

The program is a modified version of the rugby league game played on a weekly basis to suit each individual’s needs while trying to keep it as real as possible using Rugby League techniques.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

The program is designed to promote fitness, strengthening of muscle tone, improving gross motor skills and supporting social interaction and team work. Most of all, Try Time is all about having fun.

During their most recent game at Hickey’s Park in Penrith, Wesley, Jeremy and Marcus had a great time! Wesley is a regular player and has developed his skills over the time he has been playing. For Jeremy and Marcus, it was their first time playing. It gave them a taste of what Try Time is all about.

Jeremy loved every minute of the game. He played an amazing game – considering it was his first time. Marcus also enjoyed the game – laughing and talking to everyone throughout the match.

“I really had a good time.” – Jeremy, resident.

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