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Jacob always has a smile on his face. His laughter and beaming smile light up the room whenever he enters. He is a warm and loving young man.

His mum, Helen, has been Jacob’s primary carer for his entire life. She is full of positivity about her son’s future now that he has joined Afford.

Jacob has been an Affordian for around two years. He attends day program every week and prior to  COVID-19 restrictions, he regularly joined in on Club Afford outings around Melbourne.

He was one of the first people to experience the benefits of Afford’s first Sensory Friendly Space at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) during a Hawks game last year; made possible thanks to a partnership between Afford and the Hawks.

Now, Jacob faces his next personal challenge. He has taken the big step of moving into an Afford Group Home in Victoria. Here, he can make his own choices and live life his way.

Living with Autism, Jacob sometimes struggles with change, but he has shown no sign of anxiety or stress during his move into his new home.

“Jacob is so much happier, and his mum is ecstatic,” said Joshua, Team Leader at the Afford Cranbourne and Narre Warren Group Homes.

Jacob’s friendly personality has cemented his friendship with Troy, his housemate. Jacob finds Troy quite entertaining and the two occasionally sign ‘good night’ to each other before they go to bed.

Jacob is encouraged and supported to get involved in all the daily duties of the household.

He selects the foods and meals he wants to eat. For dinner, he may choose to have meat and veggies and is supported to chop the vegetables and help during the cooking process.

Washing his clothes and hanging them out on the line are new skills that Jacob is refining. With each day, the added responsibilities are helping to grow his confidence.

The change in lifestyle has given Jacob a new commitment to keeping up with his medication, which helps him focus on getting the most out of each day.

Jacob is also working with a dietician to choose healthy meal options and has already lost five kilograms! His new diet gives him more energy to get involved in activities that he truly loves.

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