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James is a very lucky young man. He sees everything that happens behind the scenes of a Woolworths bakery, plus he can enjoy the smell of delicious cookies as they come straight out of the warm oven, all in a day’s work!

James has been participating in work experience with his local Woolworths store for almost two years. When he isn’t at work, James enjoys the company of his friends at Afford’s Belmore Day Program every Friday.

“James is a great worker. He listens to instructions and gives 100% to complete his jobs,” said Marc Menke, Afford’s Belmore Day Program Team Leader.

Afford supported James to secure the work experience role at Woolworths. He was guided to apply for the position and prepare for workplace situations.

At 24 years of age, James is keen to learn about work-life so that he can land a job to earn his own money.

During work experience in the Woolworths bakery, James carefully places evenly sized mounds of cookie dough on trays. He has learned how to use the ovens and how to adjust the temperature to bake the cookies.

When the oven timer rings, James takes out the freshly baked cookies and takes in the mouth-watering cookie smell. To finish, he packs the cookies into containers, ready for purchase by customers.

With support from lifestyle assistants at Belmore Day Program, James has been able to keep to his work experience schedule and develop his skills.

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