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Afford is committed to providing person-centred activities that support the personal development and aspirations of our clients.

Programs To Suit the Needs of our Clients

So when Margaret, a client from our Jamisontown Day Program, suggested that her group incorporate yoga and meditation as a wind-down after their dance program each week, Team Leaders set to work to tailor the program to suit her needs.

Jamisontown Day Program’s dance sessions are always energetic and a lot of fun. Music gets everyone in the mood for shaking their hips and moving to the beat and, along with great laughs and enjoyment, the session does also provide a wonderful opportunity to improve movement and fitness.

But after the dance session, some relaxation time is in order, so the group begin meditation and stretching, with instruction from staff member, Lisa.

Winding Down and Relaxing

After such energy and enthusiasm during the dance program, it’s taken a few sessions for everyone in the group to get used to winding down through meditation, but now it’s one of their favourite times in the program!

Together the group sit or lie down and listen to the calming tones of Lisa’s voice as she talks them through stretching and relaxation.

After meditation, everyone feels relaxed and refreshed and ready to get on with other exciting programs on offer.