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Engaging with books, words, and letters is an important part of learning more about the world around us. Clients from Afford’s Jamisontown Day Program regularly visit the local Penrith Library to take some time out with books and stories.

Enjoy Your Interests

During their latest visit to the library, clients were supported to read books that interested them. There are books with colourful pictures, interesting words, and fascinating stories.

Everyone is given a choice to try reading with support or to be read to by one of Jamisontown’s Lifestyle Assistants. Either way, the experience gives clients the chance to take in something new and different.

Learn More about the World Around You

Through the stories, clients learn about new places and countries around the world. They have their imaginations stimulated with stories of fact or fantasy. They can even learn a new recipe or the process about how to complete a new task. Whatever their interests, the library has many opportunities to expand their life experience and skills.

Make Friends

As well as reading, the library also has games to play. Some clients enjoyed playing cards or even challenging their Lifestyle Assistants at a Rubix Cube puzzle and patterns game. These games were great fun and supported group bonding and friendships.

After a stimulating morning at the library, ‘Team Jamo’ headed to Yellomundee Regional Park to enjoy lunch surrounded by nature. The natural beauty of the park gave everyone the chance to appreciate the sun, air, and flora.

It’s never a dull moment at Jamisontown Day Program! There is always something exciting to see and something memorable to do.

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