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A new passion for baking and a keenness to get up to enjoy the day ahead, Jason has experienced a life-changing transformation after moving into his Afford Group Home in Pakenham.

Jason and his mum first met with Afford to talk about independent living options for Jason, which suited his needs and interests.

Jason and his mum turned to Afford for help to renew Jason’s motivation for life. He slept much of the day, experienced limited social interaction and relied on his mum for many everyday activities.

Afford offered Jason a place in the Pakenham home in Victoria. It was a place where he could begin an independent life. The other housemates, Jody and Bailey, are similar in age to Jason. There is always 24/7 support from a lifestyle assistant available for Jason if he ever needs a hand, which gives his mum great peace of mind.

After a few short weeks, Jason’s outlook on life completely changed.

Breaking the habit of sleeping the day away was a significant milestone for Jason. With support from lifestyle assistants, his routine changed and he now has a new eagerness to get up and go to his Noble Park Day Program every day.

At his Noble Park Day Program, Jason enjoys many activities.

He made a Mother’s Day card for his mum this year. He was so proud of his creation. The smile on his mum’s face when she received it was priceless.

He has recently discovered his love of cooking and baking. With chef-like mastery, he has made several desserts, including profiteroles, which he relishes eating with his friends.

Jason also brings his passion for cooking into his Pakenham home. He is the first to offer to cook in the kitchen. He has made pizza for his housemates and loves making desserts.

Staff at his home have come to realise Jason has a keen interest in maps. He will study world maps, maps of Melbourne, train line maps and spend hours looking at the different locations.

With support, Jason goes on the computer to explore maps. His skills with technology have developed so much that he can now confidently find what he is looking for easily online.

For Jason, social situations aren’t always easy. Since moving into his home and having the support to develop his life skills, Jason is willing to open up and share his opinions.

“We have noticed that Jason is more aware and in control of his emotions. When he first arrived, he wasn’t confident talking to other people. Now he is more comfortable communicating with staff and his housemates and we’re all finding out more about his smart and engaging personality,” said Sharen Harris, Team Leader at Afford’s Pakenham Group Home.

After just a few short months in his new home, Jason is a changed man. He is grabbing life with both hands and living life his way thanks to the Afford Lifestyle that focusses on supporting individuals achieving their life goals.

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