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Jean is an outgoing, fun-loving resident of Afford’s True Blue home in Penrith. She loves getting out and about, but what she loves most is watching the iconic Aussie TV show, Home and Away.

Achieve Your Goals

Jean loves Home and Away so much, that one of her NDIS goals was to visit Summer Bay. She wanted to see for herself where some of her favourite TV actors create TV magic!

Lucky for Jean, Summer Bay is filmed in Sydney’s Palm Beach! So along with her Afford Lifestyle Assistant, Susan, Jean worked out her plan to achieve her goal and visit a place she has longed to see for some time.

Being filmed on the Northern Beaches, Jean and Susan had to work out how they were going to get to Palm Beach and organise their travel route.

The Afford Lifestyle

As part of The Afford Lifestyle at her home in Penrith, Jean has access to an Afford van to take her wherever she wants. So, she knew that she had her transport ready and waiting for the outing.

Jean and Susan chose a Saturday to head out to Summer Bay for their adventure. They packed some snacks for the road and set off!

New Experiences

The weather was beautiful, and Jean loved seeing how the scenery changed as they travelled closer towards the water. As they drove along, the breeze was cooler. They knew that the sounds of waves meant that they were close to their destination.

As they arrived at Palm Beach, Jean couldn’t contain her excitement. She began singing the Home and Away theme tune and talking about her favourite parts of the show.

Her favourite character is Alf. So, she visited Alf’s Bait Shop and bought souvenirs. She looked through all the photos of the team of actors from the show. Jean also bought a t-shirt and a cup with Alf’s picture on it.

Jean and Susan wandered through all the places that Jean recognised from the show, including Irene’s cafe. They also walked along the pier and took in the beauty of the area.  To finish off a fabulous day, Jean and Susan had fish and chips at a beachside cafe.

At the end of her visit to Summer Bay, Jean was so happy to have achieved her NDIS goal of visiting a place that is special to her.

Live the Life You Want

With Afford support, Jean has the opportunity to do things that are important to her. She can experience activities, and places she loves and has support if and when she needs it.

Find out more about The Afford Lifestyle and how Afford can help you live the life you want under the NDIS.