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Minchinbury SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainee, Jean, is moving closer to achieving his work goals and is loving his new work independence and confidence.

Opportunities to Let Your Abilities Soar!

Jean has recently completed work experience pat The Nidus Group Real Estate in Rooty Hill, where he developed his skills and experience in an office setting. This work experience has helped Jean to progress towards his goal of open employment in the administration industry.

Jean would love to work in an office environment. So to achieve this, his SLES trainers have used their networks to secure him some training to develop these skills.

Getting Ready for the Work Force

To better prepare for the workforce, Jean’s work experience has helped him to get everyday experience working in an office and getting to know how to manage an office environment. The work placement has also meant that Jean can add the experience to his resume to impress future potential employers.

During his time at The Nidus Group, Jean was given the new nickname of ‘Jean the admin machine!’.

Over the eight-week placement, Jean did a fantastic job in building his skills and gaining valuable experience towards his goal to gain employment in an office setting one day.

Learning New Work Skills

Jean completed many different jobs such as putting together documents, pamphlets and care packages for clients, as well as organising office supplies, setting up for meetings, filing and scanning, and even getting to use the shredding machine.

Jean’s confidence grew after each task and throughout the placement. He was considered an asset to The Nidus Group and helped to take on the workload and make sure the office ran smoothly.

Jean developed a great rapport with his manager, Jackie, and became a favourite throughout the office with his big smile and can-do attitude.

Helping Job Seekers Find Employment

We’re so privileged to be the partner for many young job seekers looking to build their skills and confidence to achieve their work goals.

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