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Jordan joined Afford’s Caboolture Day Program for one-to-one support which he enjoys once a week. Although he has an all-round interest in many activities, after connecting with Caboolture’s resident photo-enthusiast and Lifestyle Assistant, Murray, Jordan has shown a particular interest and ability in photography.

During his one-to-one support, Jordan’s talents are nurtured so that his new skills and abilities can shine. Murray is an ideal photography teacher for Jordan. He has a personal passion for photography, as well as a keen eye for what makes a great photo.

Together, Jordan and Murray headed out to Lake Samsonvale, where the natural landscape calls on budding photographers to capture their prize pic.

First, Murray talked with Jordan about composition using different themes. Jordan learned about looking through the camera lens and creating a focal point for his photos.

They experimented capturing both colour and black and white photos to accentuate certain features.

The results were nothing short of stunning! Even as a novice photographer, Jordan used the wildlife, plants and trees to tell a story through pictures.

As he practised, he became more confident and began to use different settings on the camera to achieve a variety of effects that showcased movement, action and more.

Some of the sessions include Jordan’s photography mentor. She is friend of his family and a professional photographer who teaches Jordan many expert techniques. Murray continues to support Jordan to have creative control over the projects that they undertake.

Jordan’s journey with photography began with some apprehension. Now, confidence in his work and his creatively has grown significantly. He is now posting his pictures online via Instagram and Murray has helped him to enhance his knowledge of social media advertising. This too has boosted his confidence, as he is very proud of his work.

Jordan always looks forward to the photography sessions. On the days that he and Murray aren’t going out to take photographs, he is working on pictures himself or with his photography mentor.

Photography is Jordan’s release. He feels calm, without stress and finds happiness through creative expression.

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