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Life is about doing the things you love with friends. Whether it’s getting out and about, or regularly socialising with friends, Afford supports individuals to live life to the full.

Extend Your Friendships

Judy is a client of Caboolture Day Program. She has a warm heart and loves chatting with others. As a matured aged woman with vision impairment, Judy finds that developing strong friendships isn’t always easy. But with the right support from Afford, she has now had the chance to extend her friendship circles, and she has found meaning and purpose.

It all began when Judy spoke with the staff at Afford’s Caboolture Day Program about her goal of wanting to meet new people. They talked about her interests, the time she had available each week and what she wanted to get out of new experiences.

We Care About Your Needs and Dreams

Her Lifestyle Assistant, Natalie, quickly used her connections to speak to local community groups that shared Judy’s interests. Redcliffe Blind & Vision Impaired Community Group was one group that seemed the perfect connection for Judy.

The group meets once a fortnight and get together to go out and enjoy a range of activities. After joining the group, Judy has gone to the Bramble Bay Bowls Club and various other places with a group of ladies. They talk, laugh and share stories.

For Judy, meeting with the group “feels right.”

Being part of the group has given Judy confidence to socialise with others and speak freely within a group of people. She now feels included and has a sense of belonging. She looks forward to the group meetings and feels connected with her community.

Whole-Of-Life Supports

Afford offers whole-of-life supports to ensure that every individual can enjoy the things that matter most to them. It’s about empowering individuals to be independent and confident to let their abilities soar!

Find out how Afford can help you extend your friendships and get the most out of life.