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Finding the right job that suits your strengths and interests isn’t always easy. But Afford has helped many people find a job that they enjoy and look forward to each day.

Elisabeta was born in Romania and was referred to Afford Disability Employment Services (DES) after having looked for a job for a while. Elisabeta was keen to start working, however her previous employment in domestic cleaning and warehousing took a toll on her health and she was diagnosed with carpel tunnel and other physical injuries.

Afford DES consultants in Liverpool, worked closely with Elisabeta to understand her work ambitions, what she wanted out of a role, and her work plans for the future.

During Elisabeta’s journey towards employment, she was also faced with some personal family challenges. Through these trying times, Afford provided support with an in-house counsellor and one-to-one support to ensure that Elisabeta pulled through life challenges to still realise her dream of gaining employment.

Afford facilitated an interview for Elisabeta for a customer service role at a local fruit shop in Westfield in Liverpool.

Working with both Elisabeta and the business owner to discuss employment expectations, roles and responsibilities and work arrangements, Afford was able to secure a part-time role for Elisabeta. A few weeks after she had begun, the business owner was asking whether Afford had another employee – just like Elisabeta – to join their team!

A wonderful outcome for a very determined and hard working woman, whose abilities blossomed with the right care and support from Afford, as well as a supportive business owner who, like Afford, wants to encourage more inclusive communities and work opportunities for all.