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For Kane, making friends wasn’t all that easy. He needed the right support and encouragement to gain confidence in his own abilities. He needed support to realise his full potential. That’s where Afford comes in.

Find the Right Disability Supports with Afford

In January this year, Kane was welcomed into the Afford community in Southport QLD. With the NDIS still rolling out in many regional areas across Queensland, many individuals and families are still unsure about where to turn for support.

Afford Knows Your Unique Needs

It was destiny that brought Kane and his family to Afford. The staff at our Southport site instantly identified that Kane needed more than just group interactions to make friends. He needed one-to-one support to develop his confidence first.

Over the next six months, Afford’s support staff members, Micah and Shem, have provided Kane with one-to-one support. They go out and do the things that Kane loves.

We Care!

Kane’s mother says that this support has dramatically improved Kane’s outlook on life! With genuine kind, caring, considerate and professional support from Afford, Kane is well on his way to achieving his goals.

During one-to-one support, Kane would enjoy outings to the park. He would manage social situations when they visited the shops. He also learnt how to interact with the wider community, which was put to the test during his outing to DreamWorld!

One of Kane’s goals was to explore more of the world and have fun. Now, with Afford support, Kane has greater self-esteem and confidence in his own abilities to do just that!

Achieve Your Goals

Another of Kane’s goals was to get his Learner Driver’s Licence. After his time at Afford and the individual supports, he has received, Kane has completed the test and successfully achieved his goal.

Today, Kane has chosen to regularly attend one of Afford’s Day Programs in Queensland. This is a huge step for Kane and highlights just how far he has come over a short period of time.

Afford staff listen to the needs and aspirations of our clients. We understand that every individual is unique and deserves to have the right support to achieve all they want in life under the NDIS.

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