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Afford is trusted by thousands of people across Australia everyday to support them achieve their goals under the NDIS.

Achieve Your NDIS Goals

Karen is a client of our Rouse Hill Day Program who is very keen to develop her independence and learn more about catching public transport on her own.

Work With Afford To Succeed

To achieve Karen’s goal, Afford staff member Heather, sat down with Karen to work out ways that she could integrate travel training into her day.

To get to Rouse Hill Day Program, Karen needs to catch a bus. So, Karen and Heather worked together to figure out the bus timetables so that Karen could arrive when she wanted.

Build Your Confidence and Independence

After a few times catching the bus together with Heather, Karen now catches the bus to Day Program on her own. It’s been two weeks that Karen has been doing this independently and it has truly helped her self confidence soar!

Karen’s next goal is to catch the bus home on her own which, she is working through with support from Afford.

Find out how Afford can help you achieve your NDIS goals for home, at work and in life!