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Kathryn is an extremely friendly member of our Afford Community, who receives support from our Cherrywood Hub. With support from Afford, Kathryn has learnt new skills that have seen her become confident in her abilities and more independent to live life on her terms.

Build Confidence In Your Abilities

Kathryn is now confident in making her own choices and is engaging more with the world and people around her. Kathry n’s support staff and family are amazed at her transformation and are so proud of all that she has achieved.

When she first joined Afford, Kathryn was quite shy. Afford staff at Cherrywood Hub would ask her what activities she wanted to get involved in and Kathryn’s mother would often respond for her.

Find Your Own Voice!

Today, Kathryn has found her own voice! She communicates more with staff to talk about the activities that she would like to participate in. She particularly enjoys the cooking program and learning about how she can prepare her own meals.

For Kathryn, one of her main goals is to become more independent. With this goal in mind, Afford staff support Kathryn through travel training. She now carries her own money and Opal card. She is also challenging herself to find out which bus or train she needs to catch to go out and about.

Afford Will Support You in Your Journey

Along with Afford staff, Kathryn recently caught the train from Penrith to Central. She took a map to guide her along her journey and successfully reached her destination to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Kathryn is now confident to talk about the things that matter most to her. She goes bowling and to the shops and handles her own money to make purchases.

This is a significant milestone for Kathryn and one to be celebrated! We are so excited about Kathryn’s progress and everyone at Afford is so privileged to share her amazing journey.

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