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We’re often lulled into thinking that anything we want to know can be sourced from the internet. But recently, the eyes of our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program trainees were opened to a whole new world of resources!

Our SLES trainees visited the Liverpool Library to learn more about researching information and the variety of resources available.

Source Information With Confidence

Trainees, Sarah, Bianca, Graeme, Aaron, David, Conner, Andrew, Jamal, Fiona, Rune, Karen, Steven, Gina and Malik, were all keen to discover new ways of sourcing information.

Trainers, Janet and Ann-Marie, along with the local librarian first outlined what was held in the library. This encompassed books, but also other materials such as magazines, newspapers, audio books, videos and more.

Trainees were very interested to realise that library stocked books in different languages. They also learned that after borrowing a book, they could return these books to their nearest library; not necessarily the one where it was borrowed.

Everyone was captivated by the atmosphere within the library. The staff were friendly and helpful. Everyone within the library was focussed and concentrated on researching their interests.

Find a Job That’s Right for You

The visit also allowed trainees to gain insight into different occupations. One trainee commented – “What a great job it is to help people find books that they will enjoy reading.”

Put New Founds Skills Into Action

All were so taken with the endless resources available. Many trainees became members of the library and began borrowing items straight away.

On the bus ride back to the SLES site in Preston, trainee, Gina, read one of the three books she had borrowed with great excitement.

Today, Gina has set up her own SLES library at the Prestons site. Other trainees and staff have donated books to the mini library, and trainees are free to borrow them to take home or read during lunch breaks. Gina is now also looking into work experience in a bookshop and has recently joined in an industry visit to Dymocks.

Along with requests for more visits to the library, trainees also talked about registering on the Liverpool Council website to volunteer at the library.

“Wow. Never thought I would enjoy going to the Library.” – SLES Preston trainee.

Learn More with Afford

Trainees now have a greater awareness of resources available and the confidence to seek out information from a variety of sources. The library visit has allowed them to extend their knowledge of the world so they may apply these skills in life and in the workplace.

Afford’s SLES Program offers trainees many opportunities to learn more about the world around them. The program presents opportunities for trainees to expand their knowledge and learn skills for life.

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