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Recently, the clients of Lakemba Day Program set personal goals of collecting seashells and feeling the sand between their toes – so that’s exactly what they did!

At Afford, our programs, outing and events are driven by the interests of our clients, so that’s why we’re so excited to hear the new and interesting personal dreams and goals of our clients, so that we can make them a reality.

The group from Lakemba Day Program set off for an outing to Kurnell Botanical Gardens where they wanted to enjoy fish and chips on the beach. Not only was it a great day out to soak in the sunshine and fresh air, it was also a sensory experience for all.

Feeling the sand running through their toes, touching the texture of the sand and enjoying the water lap against their skin all provided sensory stimulation that was discussed by everyone in the group. The different sizes, textures and smells of the sea shells collected really made everyone stop to think about what they had discovered and talk about the differences, similarities and colours.

Fish and chips on the beach was a great way to end a great social and educational day out with friends.

Afford provides many person-centred programs in Day Programs across NSW, VIC and QLD. Taking the time to get out in the community and explore the surrounds offers so many valuable opportunities for skills development and confidence building.