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Residents at our Dryandra Group Home in Melbourne were recently treated to an Italian feast thanks to the amazing culinary skills and generous nature of Laura and her mother, Lina.

Enjoy Your Independence

Laura is a happy and friendly young woman who has made solid friendships with the housemates at her Dryandra home. She loves to get involved in maintaining the household by helping to clean and cook.

She also loves getting crafty and has made some amazing masterpieces, including a trinket box where she keeps all her prized little treasures.

Share Your Interests

One of the things she loves most is sharing her Italian heritage with the other ladies in the home. Her father is an amazing gardener, so Laura has been working hard to grow some of the veggies and plants that he grows in her home too. She has nurtured seedlings to grow into delicious, ripe, red tomatoes! Laura loves to go out into the garden, pick the produce and create a meal to share with her housemates.

Recently, Laura and her mum Lina decided that they wanted to make a classic Italian meal for everyone. Lasagne! Yummo!

With Lina by her side as her sous chef, Laura excitedly got to work to prepare all the ingredients to make the lasagne. First, they made a delicious, meaty tomato sauce to pour on each layer of the lasagne. As it simmered away on the stove, the smell made everyone’s mouths water!

Once the sauce was ready, Laura and Lina carefully placed pasta sheets down in the pan, layered it with a creamy sauce and mozzarella cheese, and continued layer upon layer until the dish was complete.

When it was time for dinner, Lina cooked the lasagne they made earlier in the day in the oven. When the oven timer rang to signal it was ready, everyone quickly took a seat at the table to get their serve.

During dinner, there wasn’t a sound. Everyone was too busy eating and enjoying the home-made lasagne!

The Afford Lifestyle

As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents are supported to explore their interests, share their life experiences and feel comfortable in being who they want to be.

The Dryandra home is a place where Laura can share her passion for cooking and her culture with friends. It’s a place where she can get involved in the things she loves to live life on her terms.

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