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Today we celebrate International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)! It’s a day dedicated to the celebration of the achievements of people living with disabilities across the globe.

At Afford, we are proud to champion choice, respect, and inclusion for Australians living with a disability. Our supports, services and whole-of-life approach to supports, aims to empower every individual to achieve their goals under the NDIS so they can live the life they want.

Afford Leadership Programs

In our Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs), we have established a Leadership Program. Employees are offered opportunities to learn new skills and progress into leadership roles with Afford.

At Afford, we’re all about raising the profile of disability in Australia. We strive to give every individual the opportunity to let their abilities soar!

That’s why our ADE Leadership Program is so important. It gives everyone the chance to develop their skills for greater job satisfaction and work progression.

Fostering an Engaged Workforce

The eight-week Afford Leadership Program is run in partnership with Nepean Community College. It covers a range of topics including, working effectively with others, developing strategies to respond to routine workplace issues, interacting with others in the workplace and learning to become a role model for peers.

Be a Mentor for Others with Disability

Lourdes has been with Afford for many years and has participated in the Leadership Program. Through various Afford directed opportunities, Lourdes has been able to realise her dream of working in a leadership role in the Minchinbury ADE. She has completed the Employment Work Skills Program developed by TAFE NSW and Afford and has renewed her skills in the Afford Leadership program.

Today, Lourdes works alongside her workmates but serves as a mentor for her team. She offers her team encouragement and support throughout the production process. She is committed to delivering jobs on time and provides a positive and productive environment to get the best out of her team.

Lourdes is a valued Team Leader at our Minchinbury ADE. She is a shining example of the valuable contribution people with disabilities make to the Australian workforce.

Find out more about Afford ADEs and employment opportunities to lead the way for Australians with disabilities.