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Afford has recently opened several group homes in Queensland! Afford homes across Queensland provide local NDIS participants, greater opportunities to live life on their terms with independence and support.

Make Friends for Life

Residents of our Caboolture home formed a strong bond from the moment they met. The housemates are similar in age and share similar interests. They all love to get out and about to explore their local community. But they also venture further afield to learn more about the world around them.

Housemates, Lachlan, Stephanie, Jordan and Sean, recently took a trip out to Bribie Island Butterfly House. It was a magical experience, with the butterflies fluttering their wings all around the friends. The butterflies were so friendly, one even landed on Lachlan!

Learn More and See More

During their trip, the group learned about the lifecycle of butterflies and got to witness the ways that butterflies behave and react. The butterfly house was so alive and vibrant, with a range of different coloured butterflies flying all around.

Everyone loved being at the Butterfly House and took heaps of photos to remember this magical experience.

Back at home and inspired by the colour at the Butterfly House, Stephanie decided that their home needed a splash of colour too!

Express Your Creativity

She talked to Afford Lifestyle Assistants about her plan to purchase colourful decorations and pots to bring colour to the backyard garden. Staff thought it was a great idea! They all headed out to the local hardware store and bought all that they needed. Also, a great exercise in money management skills!

Once all the items were purchased and brought back to home, Stephanie’s imagination and creativity went into over-drive! She made beautiful decorations by arranging green coloured pebbles throughout pots. In one pot, she placed a solar light as a centrepiece, so that at night, a light would shine brightly on her decorative creation. Stephanie also included adorable figurines within the pots to add a little humour and cheekiness to their home.

Make Your House Your Home

The backyard decorations are now a talking point for the housemates and others who visit the home. Stephanie has put her ‘stamp’ on her house. It is her home where she can feel safe to express herself and share her passions and creative flair.

The Afford Lifestyle

Residents in Afford homes are supported to live the life they have always wanted, as part of The Afford Lifestyle. The Afford Lifestyle supports residents to go to places they want to explore, get involved in activities that they love and share their interests with friends.

Find out how The Afford Lifestyle can support you live life to the full. Find out more about vacancies in Afford homes in Queensland.