Throughout this turbulent year, it is heartening to know that we can all achieve our goals, stay connected to others and have fun when we are supported to let our abilities soar!

Dance is a form of self-expression. It’s an opportunity for stress release and physical fitness through an exercise that is fun!

Our Campbelltown Community Centre staff have recently established a dance school program, which is already thrilling clients who participate. Many clients are showing fantastic talent and skills and are enjoying the social aspect of the program.

“Caylon, David and Ben are coming out of their shell and trying new dance moves. Martha, Megan and Karla are flaunting their dance skills and love learning new things. Everyone is so excited to show the staff, their peers and their family the dance routine we are creating! The dance school program will make every Wednesday full of creativity, individuality and fun,” said Natalie Miller, Team Leader at Campbelltown Community Centre.

Morgan is an Afford Lifestyle Assistant, who joined Afford in February this year. Fortunately for our Campbelltown clients, she is generously sharing her more than 20-years of experience as a dancer and dance teacher to create a stimulating dance school program for clients of all abilities to enjoy. 

Morgan facilitates the dance sessions to Afford clients at the dance studio where she used to teach. Having a dedicated dance space, with all the equipment they need, helps to enhance the experience for all.

As part of the dance school program, clients are learning various dance moves, as well as skills to extend their flexibility and gross motor skills. 

“I’m teaching jazz and hip hop, as well as some jumping, technical kicking and skipping skills which helps with balance and coordination,” said Morgan.

If there isn’t already a program available that suits your interests, Afford will create it! Our staff bring their talents and skills from various backgrounds and life experiences to make every day for clients an opportunity to learn, progress their skills and have fun.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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