Afford’s one-to-one customer Krystal, from Western Australia, was recently treated to a VIP experience at Jandacott Police Air Wing. Senior Sergeant Andy Carson gave Krystal a tour of the hangar, where she could wear the police vests and helmets then sit inside the police helicopters. The day was surreal and memorable for Krystal, who sees the police force as her heroes.

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“Krystal met WA’s Minister for Police, Road Safety, Defence Industry and Veterans Issues, Paul Papalia when she received her Australia Day Award. She spoke to him about how much she admired the police and he invited her to have a day at the airbase. Krystal made him pinky promise that it was a genuine offer. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, we were invited for the day,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Janet Summerskill.

Upon arriving, Janet, Krystal and her service dog Rex were buzzed into the hangar which is usually off-limits to the public. They received their special guest passes and the private tour began.

“Krystal was buzzing the entire time. She asked a lot of questions and we were there for about an hour to see the entire facility. They showed us where the meetings and operations take place. Her favourite part was wearing the gear and getting to sit inside the helicopter and press the buttons,” continued Janet.

A pleasant surprise on the day was meeting one of the female sky marshals who knew of Krystal and her work in the local community.

Leading up to the day, Krystal worked on a special gift for the visit during her pottery classes. She hand-crafted a special clay plate to give to the senior sergeant to thank him for the day.

“These special days out where Krystal sees how much the community adores her are very important. If she’s having a bad day, I remind her of how well-known and loved she is in the community. She is such a great advocate for people with Autism and PTSD,” said Janet.

The pair’s next adventure will be doing travel training with Krystal’s new service dog, Kiah, by going into the city. Of course, they plan to stop by the Northbridge police station while they are there too.

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