“Living your best life is your most important journey in life.” – Oprah Winfrey.

 Wayne receives one-to-one support from Albion Park Community Centre lifestyle assistant Natalie. Natalie supports Wayne to learn new skills, participate in activities and get out and about in his local community.

 Wayne loves listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand at the beach and feeling the sun warm his skin, these are things that bring him great sensory stimulation and happiness. Read about Wayne’s recent trip to North Beach, where he was supported to do the things he loves. 

Recently, Natalie assisted Wayne to visit North Beach. They wandered from North Wollongong beach to the lighthouse and then back again. They saw the beautiful beaches and pools along the coastline. 

 Wayne’s wheelchair allows him to have the independence to visit all the places he longs to see, and Natalie is right by his side to help him realise his dreams.

 After their travels, Natalie and Wayne stopped at Pepe’s on the beach to cool off with morning tea refreshments.

 They then headed back outdoors and towards the sand. Wayne took off his socks and loved every moment the sand moved and fell between his toes.

 “We had the best day ever,” said Natalie. “We support every individual to live their best life, and the day out with Wayne was his chance to do the things that matter to him and that makes him happy.”

 Find out more about one-to-one and group supports offered across Afford Community Centres across Australia.

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