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“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” – Unknown

Showering us with love, affection and care our mums hold an incredibly special place in our hearts. Sons and daughters spent last week creating thoughtful presents and cards at their Afford Day Programs or in their Group Homes across Australia. When they received their surprises on Mother’s Day, every mum felt the love and care taken to create their special gift.

Stay Connected

At the Empire home, Matthew, Wesley and Bruce created cards from scratch! They coloured and drew designs to give their cards a personal touch. Matthew made a collage print for his Nan, which she loved!

On Mother’s Day, Lifestyle Assistants organised video chats so that each resident could speak to their mum face to face.

Give a Gift the Means Something to You

Daryl and Andrew at Dolphin Cove Group Home got their craft-on and made paper flower frames, showcasing photos of themselves and their mums. The frames were then reused to make beautiful flower tops for a paper bouquet – such a colourful and fun idea!

Blake, Luke and AJ at Green Valley took a sweeter approach and stuffed pink bonbon containers with yummy coconut coated chocolate protein balls. A wonderful surprise for mums with a sweet tooth!

Our Queensland residents, Angela and Sharon at Logan Village created colourful sand jars for their mums. To make these unique presents, the ladies coloured the sand and then poured it into the containers one shade at a time to create the layers. The perfect gift for any occasion!

Rouse Hill Day Program clients designed 3D cards for Mother’s Day! Their white cards feature cut out pink and red hearts on the front which give a popping out effect. Beautiful messages are on the inside and Adriana, Raghav, Callum, Brandon, Karen and Claire signed their cards personally.

As extra surprises, clients planted succulents in terracotta pots for a lovely live gift and made brownies during the regular cooking program as a sweet addition.

5 Simple Ideas That Show Your Mum You Care

Show your mum how much she means to you by doing little things throughout the year.

  1. Tell her you love her, not only on special occasions but at times when she doesn’t expect it.
  2. Make her breakfast in bed.
  3. Write her a letter – sometimes we can’t say the things we mean, so writing it down can make it easier for the words to flow.
  4. Tell her how helpful her advice has been.
  5. Dedicate a song to her on the radio.

Find out how you can stay connected with the ones you love with support from Afford Lifestyle Assistants in Day Programs and Group Homes across the country.