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The Afford Lifestyle is all about you. It’s about making sure you have the supports to live the life you want with confidence and independence.

Develop the Bonds of Friendship

Making new friends and sharing strong bonds in an Afford home is part of the Afford Lifestyle experience. Your housemates are there to share your journey, celebrate your achievements and be your lifelong friends.

For Carmen, her housemates at the Butterflies home are truly her dear friends. For her birthday they created a lovely, delicious dinner and made a wonderful cake to mark the special occasion.

Share Your Interests With Your Housemates

The trio love spending time together. They go out on picnics, dancing and enjoy having lunch and dinner out every now and again. They have a stunning garden which they maintain themselves and have real pride for their home and respect for each other.

Carmen’s birthday dinner was made even more special when her friends sang happy birthday to her and they all got up to dance to their favourite tunes to celebrate Carmen’s special day.

After all the festivities, Carmen remarked – “I feel very special today.” It’s those moments that become memories that last a lifetime.

The Afford Lifestyle

The Afford Lifestyle is more than providing a place to call ‘home’. Home is a feeling. It’s a place where you can share your special moments with friends, just like Carmen.

In an Afford home, you will find respect, support and a community that is always there to share your journey.

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