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Interacting with animals can be calming for many individuals. The unconditional friendship of a fur-pal is second to none. To give our clients the chance to experience animal companionship, Afford established Cherrywood Friendship Farm in Llandilo.

Animal Therapy for All Abilities

In partnership with Bushbred Horse Assisted Learning Programs, Afford runs a successful Animal Therapy Program for people with disability from across Sydney. The Animal Therapy Program has even received praise within the media on the Today Show!

Clients from Afford’s Lurnea Day Program love attending animal therapy each week. They bond with each of the animals. The program also offers sensory elements, where clients can touch the coats and furs of different animals.

Big Picture Perspective

But one client, Jamy, took a bigger picture approach to the animal therapy program. Jamy loves animals, but he also has an interest in building materials. During a recent visit to the farm, he admired the fencing for the animal enclosures and thought about their importance to the wellbeing of the animals.

When Dave, from Bushbred, asked Jamy if he would like to help him work on the fences, Jamy was overwhelmed with excitement. Usually, Jamy spends his time with the animals. He loves patting and feeding animals. But on this occasion, Jamy’s motivation to build was his focus.

Along with Dave, Jamy helped drill in the screws into the timber. He held the timber in place for Dave as well.

“It was so much fun.’ – Jamy

Personal Growth and Development

It is interesting to see that Jamy used his interest in building to enhance the program for the animals and the other participants. It is this wider outlook on life, which shows Jamy’s personal growth and development. A life skill that will be most valuable throughout his life.

Staff Are Flexible to Suit Your Needs

At Afford, we continue to be flexible to ensure that our clients have the choice and opportunity to get involved in activities that make them happy. Just like Jamy’s experience at animal therapy, our staff encourage clients to push the boundaries of programs to suit their needs and interests.

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