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For years Malcolm worked as a truck driver travelling around many parts of Australia. He got to know all the roads and freeways. He particularly liked meeting and talking to people as he made his deliveries. After suffering a stroke in 2017, life for Malcolm drastically changed.


He joined Afford in late 2019 for support to get back to living the independent life he once had. With a few physical and health barriers, Afford worked closely with Malcolm to understand his goals for independence, social and community interaction.


He moved into Afford’s Dryandra Group Home in Victoria, where he met housemates who share his interests. Malcolm is known as the resident joker and mischief-maker, always ready to make his housemates laugh with his great sense of humour and prankster personality.


At Dryandra, he has help from lifestyle assistants to do the things he loves. He is supported to manage his health and keep active.


What Malcolm wanted most was to get out and about on his own without someone being with him the entire time.


Afford staff facilitated discussions with the NDIS to secure funding for a mobility scooter. Once his funding had been approved, Malcolm counted down the days for his new wheels to arrive.


One morning, staff organised a surprise for Malcolm. They suggested he take a look in the garage, there he found his mobility scooter!


His face lit up with a smile. He instantly started talking about all the places he wanted to visit on his new scooter.


Over the coming weeks, Afford lifestyle assistants walked alongside Malcolm on his scooter to go to places in his local area. But he yearned for the freedom to go out on his own.


With Afford lifestyle assistants, Bill and Rupinder, he visited the doctor to get the go-ahead to use his scooter on his own. With a raft of underlying health issues, having a support person for extended periods on the move was Malcolm’s only option.


Malcolm talked to his lifestyle assistants about finding a way to achieve his independence. Staff researched and found him a communication device known as KISA phone. The device can store phone numbers for emergency services, family members and Afford staff. It has large buttons, making it easy for Malcolm to operate.


With this new device, they headed back to the doctor to review his ability to travel safely on his own. Assessments from his doctor and occupational therapist finally helped Malcolm realise his dream of going into the community on his scooter on his own.


He now has the freedom to get around when and where he chooses. He has the confidence to contact others for help if he needs it using his communication device.


His Dryandra Group Home is close to shops, parks and other local facilities. Malcolm can now go and enjoy a coffee at the café, get takeaway if he chooses, or get to know his local area a little better on his own four wheels.


The scooter and communication device have been life changing for Malcolm. He is getting back to living the life he once had with support when he needs it.


The Afford Lifestyle is about Afford going above and beyond to support individuals to live the life they have always wanted.


For Malcolm, Afford support has helped him achieve a more mobile lifestyle. His new freedom has meant that he is more confident in his abilities. The supportive environment at his Dryandra home gives Malcolm the social connections that make him happy.


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