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At times when we find ourselves overwhelmed and we just need some time to chill out, massage can relive some of our tensions.

Since ancient times, massage has been used to provide a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. Fortunately, advancements in technology mean that we can now enjoy the benefits of massage through specialised equipment, such as massage chairs, that can be incorporated into Afford services.

Having massage available for our clients is vital in supporting their overall physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it is to improve muscle movement or to ease behaviours and release tension, massage plays a vital role in supports delivered by Afford.

That’s why Afford has such overwhelming gratitude for the NSW Government that has approved funding for a massage chair for Afford’s Rouse Hill Day Program, through its Community Building Partnerships grants program.

Now, clients at Rouse Hill Day Program can have regular access to massage therapy throughout the day if and when they need it.

Rouse Hill Day Program offers a range of sensory engagement for clients. The inclusion of massage chairs now provides even more opportunities for sensory development.

Massage chairs will enhance the services offered at the site. Clients will be able to set different massage programs on the massage chairs to aid in improving movement, flexibility and reducing tension and muscle stiffness.

Every client who uses the massage chairs has been educated about the stringent cleaning routine that needs to be done after they use the chairs. Not only does this support cleanliness, but it also encourages clients to develop their independent living skills and understand their responsibility to care for themselves and others.

Research has shown that massage can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. It also aids in creating a relaxed body for better sleeping.

“After clients have taken some time in the massage chairs, we can see that their overall mood changes. They are more relaxed and yet more alert and focussed on doing other activities. It’s great to see that the massage chairs support their minds and bodies to relax,” said Courtney Hunt, Team Leader at Rouse Hill Day Program.

The massage chairs have helped Afford staff support individuals to focus on the present and sustain a sense of wellbeing for their minds and bodies.

Afford is grateful for the generous funding from the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnerships program. With this vital funding, individuals living with disabilities across the Afford community can access equipment and services to support sensory development.

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