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Cooking skills and mateship are flourishing at Afford’s Narre Warren Group Home, thanks to funding from The City of Casey to purchase a new pizza oven and outdoor BBQ.

New adaptive cooking equipment was purchased with grant funds to suit individuals of all abilities. Residents, Ryan C, Paul, Ryan L and Sean, are finding every opportunity to use the new equipment to cook meals.

Afford lifestyle assistants support residents to use the grill and smoker features of the BBQ safely. Now they make delicious, smoky lamb chops! The BBQ smells waft through the air, making each of the housemates lick their lips in anticipation of a sumptuous meal.

To make their famous lamb chops, the friends work together to chop up all the herbs and garlic to marinate the meat. They take turns to monitor the meat cooking on the BBQ. With healthy eating options a staple for the housemates, salad is always part of their meal plan.

Cook: Try marinating lamb chops with these delicious marinades.

Now with their new pizza oven, residents are opting for homemade pizzas over takeaway. They are learning how to make pizza dough and are having so much fun creating pizzas with toppings just how they like.

The new outdoor BBQ and pizza oven have created an environment for social get-togethers. The residents enjoy spending time together outdoors, laughing and sharing stories.

Thanks to funding from The City of Casey, residents of the Afford Narre Warren Group Home in Victoria now have more opportunities to develop their skills for greater independence. They will also extend their friendships and become more confident in social settings.

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