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The Afford Lifestyle is all about Afford going above and beyond to make sure that residents can live a life of independence and are supported to achieve their goals and explore their interests.

Get Involved in the Things You Love

Matthew, of the Empire home in Penrith, is a passionate gardener. He loves the outdoors and enthusiastically keeps up the maintenance of the household garden and backyard.

He recently decided that he wanted to learn how to grow plants from seeds. He had been looking through various gardening books to research the best ways to propagate seedlings. He found a small greenhouse that he thought would be perfect!

Get Support When You Need It

With support from his Lifestyle Assistant, Jade, Matthew headed to Bunnings to get what he needed. He purchased the greenhouse and then brought it home to assemble it.

With assistance from Jade, Matthew put the entire greenhouse together on his own. He worked out which bars went together and used the connectors to join them up.

With such great coordination and perseverance, soon Matthew’s greenhouse was finished! He now is ready to take another trip out to Bunnings to buy seedling pots, seeds, and soil to start growing his vegetables. As the warmer weather comes with Spring, Matthew is looking forward to watching his little seeds grow into seedlings and then nurturing them to full growth.

“I like to grow the veggies for my friends. Bunnings has lots of stuff to buy.” – Matthew

Live Life Your Way

Living in an Afford home gives you opportunities to explore your interests. Lifestyle Assistants are on hand if and when you need them. An Afford van is always parked out front, waiting to take you to where you want to go.

With Afford, you are given every opportunity to live the life you have always wanted. With independence and choice.

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