The Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) has announced today that the organisation has made a difficult decision about the provision of disability services in Western Australia.

Afford will no longer be offering disability services in Western Australia.

This decision is the result of an extensive review process undertaken by the organisation, which is part of a transformation process that Afford has been undertaking for the last 12 months.

Afford has engaged with clients, their families, and the sector to gain feedback. The organisation has also conducted a thorough services review of where we operate in Australia, and the properties and facilities from which Afford offers services.

Afford’s review revealed the following:

  • A number of our services are not in locations where many of our clients require service and they do not reflect an accessible, modern and safe site for disability service delivery.
  • There has been under-investment in critical technological, quality, property and safety offering, and the organisation needs to focus its investment in changing this.
  • Afford needs to provide spaces that allow for our services and programs to easily change and grow, with safety as a constant and where innovation can happen.

Afford have also reflected very seriously on the findings of the Disability Royal Commission – which revealed that an historic approach of aggressive growth and a significant number of property purchases, was prioritised by previous management over quality client service and safeguarding. There was little consideration given to the long-term sustainability of the organisation. Afford’s transition out from Western Australia will be managed over the course of approximately three months.

We will be working with our clients and families, employees, partners across allied health, support coordination, and the community to ensure we are able to provide support for everyone impacted by these changes. For the clients and families that are currently provided with service from Afford in Western Australia, where clients will need to transition to an alternative service, we are supporting them through this change and have offered free access to our Support Coordination services if required, and we will be partnering with the NDIA where needed to provide additional support.

Afford will continue to operate in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and will now move to focus our time and resources in the continued improvement and sustainability of our services across the east coast of Australia. We know that by having a more targeted focus on our operations it will further help Afford to deliver purposeful programs and services that see our clients’ goals supported and achieved in the immediate and long-term future.

All clients and employees who have been immediately impacted by this announcement from Afford have been informed of this decision in advance of this public announcement.

Media contact:

Lyndal Stuart
Head of Engagement and Public Affairs​
Phone: 0410 850 642


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