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Megan loves her new independence! Since moving into her Afford Group Home in Cranbourne, Megan can go bowling, see more of her local community and she has already developed a lifelong friendship with her housemate, Laura.

Megan is a friendly and easy-going young woman. She loves her family, but at 35 years of age, she and her parents realised that she needed to find a place of her own, where she could live life with independence and support.

A Place to Call ‘Home’

Megan and her parents were introduced to Afford’s team in Victoria. They arranged for Megan to visit the Cranbourne Group Home to see if it was a place she could call ‘home’. Megan met the other housemates Malcolm, Charlotte, and Laura. She instantly connected with Laura, who is a similar age and who shares her interests and from that moment, Megan felt at home.

There was much emotion on the day that Megan said goodbye to her parents to spend her first day in her new home. While hugging her mum, Janine, Megan said: “I’m gonna be okay.”

Although holding back her tears, Janine commented later that she knew Megan was right.

“We’re so lucky to have found Afford. Megan’s home is close to where we live so that we can see her regularly, but she can also enjoy her independence,” Janine explained.

Your Choices are Respected

When residents join an Afford Group Home, they can decorate their bedroom in whatever way they like. Megan and her parents have set up her room with a matching bed, drawers and a table. She has everything to keep her entertained, including a smart TV and DVD player so she can watch her favourite movies.

There are pictures of her family dotted around Megan’s bedroom. She even has a caricature of herself hanging on her wall, as a reminder of some of her favourite adventures.

After only a short time in the house, Megan has already joined fun programs and activities and is making the most of The Afford Lifestyle.

Do the Things You Love

Megan also gets to participate more regularly in one of her favourite pastimes – bowling! Every Saturday, Megan is supported to attend the Pinbusters bowling tournament at OZ Tenpin Bowling in Narre Warren. She’s always prepared with her bowling ball and shoes to go out for friendly competition with people of all abilities and passion for bowling.

With support from Lifestyle Assistants, Megan spends her weekends exploring more of Melbourne. She has already visited places such as the Queen Victoria Markets, Phillip Island, the Pier at Mornington Peninsula and Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, where she enjoyed Tutti Frutti yoghurt.

Grow Your Confidence

Megan is ready to live the life she has always wanted. A life where she can jump into an Afford van and go to the places she has always dreamed of visiting. She can cook her meals with support and if she chooses, sit back and watch the footy and barrack for North Melbourne or relax after a day out.

Moving into her own home has seen Megan’s confidence shine and grow.  She is always willing to help prepare meals for herself and her housemates. With a friendly and cheerful personality, Megan has made a connection with everyone in the house and is enjoying her new found independence.

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