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Plato was spot on when he said: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Music can create a range of physical and emotional responses. It can make us feel relaxed, energetic, calm, happy or sad. Thanks to grant funding through the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program, clients who attend Afford’s Canley Vale Day Program can now get involved in musical experiences every day to stimulate their minds and bodies.

“Having a piano for clients to access every day gives them more opportunities to engage in activities that they love,” said Stephanie Calazis, Team Leader at Canley Vale Day Program.

“Everyone has the chance to let their creativity soar by creating their own songs. They can also learn how to create musical tunes. It’s a sensory experience that relaxes our clients and gives them great satisfaction to hear the musical sounds made when they play certain keys.”

Explore Your Interests

Clients can escape into their own musical world by putting on headphones. Using the electric beat made by the piano, they can create their own musical masterpieces.

Canley Vale Day Program offers a range of state-of-the-art sensory experiences on site. The Community Building Partnerships grant funding has also enabled Afford staff to further enhance on-site sensory experiences through the purchase of massage chairs.

Find Calm

Massage is a powerful therapy that can help clients to relax and unwind. Massage can improve muscle tension, reduce anxiety and help with muscle stiffness.

“After being in the massage chairs, we can instantly see a change in clients. They are more relaxed and willing to participate in other activities,” said Stephanie.

The introduction of the massage chairs has also presented opportunities for staff to support clients to develop their independent living skills and the importance of personal hygiene. After using the massage chairs, clients are supported to take responsibility for cleaning the chair to be considerate of others.

Community Building Partnerships Funding Enhances Afford Supports

At a time when engaging on-site supports are vital to the physical and mental wellbeing of clients, Afford staff are introducing new ways to support every individual to achieve their goals for life.

Thanks to grant funding through the Community Building Partnerships program, Afford can provide educational and sensory experiences to suit the unique needs and abilities of every individual, so they can live the life they want under the NDIS.

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