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In the words of Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Across all Afford sites, music offers clients various therapeutic benefits.

Now, thanks to the 2018 Community Building Partnerships funding, Lurnea Day Program, clients can enjoy engaging with music, as well as sit back and listen to relaxing tunes.

Not every Day Program is lucky enough to have their own piano on-site for clients to sit at and learn about the effects and sounds made by hitting certain piano keys in different ways.

Supports that Encourage Skills Development 

But thanks to the grant funding, Lurnea clients are among the lucky ones. Their new Schuman iQ Piano is preloaded with 500 songs to choose from and play.

With such a sophisticated piano on-site, many clients have shown interest in learning how to play. They sit at the piano and press the keys to see what note they play. The smiles on their faces are priceless!

Music therapy helps clients to improve their communication and social skills. It also supports sensory development and cognition. By incorporating a piano, clients can develop their fine motor skills and can grow in confidence to try a new activity.

But the new piano is also a form of entertainment. With features such as Piano Disc Silent Drive Technology, Lurnea’s piano can play music by itself! This means clients can sit back and enjoy the classical music of a piano any time, any day.

Take Control of Your Supports

Even better, the piano can also be controlled by the supplied iPad. Clients can turn on the iPad and go to their music folder and select the song or album they wish to play. They can adjust the volume, and also play or pause the music. These additional features give clients greater responsibility, choice, and freedom to enjoy music on their terms.

At Lurnea Day Program, relaxation and winding down are important for client happiness. With support from funding bodies, such as the 2018 Community Building Partnerships, Afford is able to enhance supports for clients for overall health and well-being.

That’s exactly what Lurnea Day Program was able to do. In addition to the new piano, a new massage chair was purchased with grant funding.

The new Zero Gravity Chiropractic Recliner relieves tension and stress through massage. It also helps restore movement and function of muscles and joints.

“Our clients love the new massage chair. After lying down in the chair and listening to music, our clients are relaxed, and their range of motion and flexibility has improved. It makes them feel refreshed for other activities,” explained Teresa, Acting Team Leader at Lurnea Day Program.

Massage can also Improve digestive issues and helps to relieve muscle spasms. Massage can also increase blood flow, circulation, and overall health.

Through the 2018 Community Building Partnerships funding, Lurnea Day Program has been able to expand the supports on offer for clients and cater directly to the needs and interests of every individual.

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