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Music can be soothing, stimulating and a great way to release personal inhibitions to make new friends and find common interests.

The clients at Oran Park Day Program all have a passion for music and so, staff at the site have incorporated a regular music therapy program which is popular with all clients.

Organised by a professional music facilitator, the music therapy sessions encourage all clients to get involved. A range of traditional and unusual instruments are incorporated into the sessions including guitars, drums, guiro and more. The diversity of the instruments gives clients the opportunity to experience how different sounds are made and how to play a variety of instruments.

The facilitator of the music program at Oran Park, Daniel, takes time to make sure everyone gets a chance to have a go and try an instrument. The program is designed to work on the interests of the clients and often there is a lot of dancing and singing along with the music being played.

Music is a way to bring people together and share time together while learning about soft, loud, long and short sounds, and simply the enjoyment of music. Afford coordinates programs such as this and many others across our Day Programs across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria for the enjoyment of our clients.