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Every July, Aussies around the country put on their favourite PJs for National Pyjama Day to raise funds and awareness of children living in foster care.

This year, Affordians in Day ProgramsGroup HomesAustralian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) and even in Afford’s Head Office, opted for cosy pyjamas to wear for the day.

The day revealed many styles with everything from traditional pyjamas, to weird and wacky onesies.

Teams at Afford’s head office committed to the spirit of the day. One group applied their photo editing skills to create an image of their PJ-clad team asleep and floating on a soft, white cloud.

Sites across the Afford community took the opportunity to host a BBQ, do yoga and dress up for a good cause.

As a not-for-profit disability organisation, Afford supports the efforts of all charities who advocate for the wellbeing of Aussies in need.

National Pyjama Day raises money for The Pyjama Foundation’s Love of Learning Program. The program supports children in foster care.

The Love of Learning Program is a one-on-one mentoring scheme where volunteers are recruited, screened, trained and matched with a child in care.

Afford is honoured to support this initiative to help children in foster care.

As one of Australia’s leading disability organisations, Afford leads by example and supports other organisations which, like Afford, work hard every day to make a positive impact within the community.

To deliver exceptional support to the community, Afford recognises that positivity starts from within. Our organisation places great importance on providing a supportive and encouraging community where every staff member, client, resident and supported employee feels valued and respected to achieve their goals.

Afford has been recognised as the #1 Disability Care Provider in Australasia at the Enablement Awards and has won industry admiration for exceptional staff job satisfaction. These accolades come by fostering a positive culture and inspiring others through community engagement.