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Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), some disability service providers have found it difficult to remain financially viable. Understanding the new funding model and the rejuvenated disability sector, has meant that some smaller organisations have found benefit in partnering with organisations like Afford, who are thriving under the NDIS.

On the 20th April, 2018, Afford merged with Bexley based provider, WALCA (Wellness and Leisure Centre for Adults). The merge has seen 60 new clients and 50 new staff, join the Afford community. Similarly, Afford is proud to have been welcomed to the Bexley community with open arms and support from local businesses and Council.

Steven Herald, Afford CEO, says that the merge with WALCA aligns strongly with Afford’s expansion plans and, most importantly, with our mission to provide exceptional quality support to people with disability.

“At Afford, we value every individual and believe that everyone should receive the best support,” Mr Herald said.

“Whether they are already part of the Afford community, or with another organisation, Afford is committed to providing support to those in our community who need it.”

“Many of WALCA’s clients have been with the organisation since it began and love their programs, so Afford is pleased to keep this legacy going. Clients can receive continuity of support and can remain in their local community, doing the activities and programs they love and sharing experiences with the friends they have made at WALCA.”

Now a month no since WALCA has joined the Afford community, the feedback from parents of clients has been very positive.

“Parents are thrilled to know that the services to the Bexley community being offered by WALCA are continuing with Afford, with a high level of quality and personalised. Parents and clients are extremely happy with the wide range of extra services available to them that Afford offer.  All clients have retained their previous Support Workers which has made the transition very smooth and we’ve had plenty of happy families.” says Team Leader of Afford Bexley, Lynette Ratu.