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Many of us are lucky enough to visit events like the Easter Show but for Eman, this has only been a lifetime dream… until now!

 Our staff members genuinely care about supporting every individual to achieve their goals at home, work, in the community and in life. We care, and we go above and beyond to create opportunities that bring our clients the joy that comes with new experiences.

 New Life Experience

Eman has never visited the Easter Show and experienced the bright, colourful and exciting environment. It’s something that she has always wanted to do, but the right opportunity just hasn’t come around.

 We Care! We Make Dreams a Reality

This year, with Afford support, Eman was able to realise her dream and goal of visiting the Easter Show and take in all that this amazing event has to offer!

 While at the Easter Show, Eman was so excited to visit all the animal stands and move around to the different stalls to see the variety of furry, noisy and cute animals. She was able to get up close and personal with a few animals and was supported to feel the different textures of the animals’ skins and furs.

 While going around the vast and amazing show, Eman’s support staff knew she was having a great time because she had a huge smile on her face all day!

 Along with visiting the petting zoo, Eman also got to experience playing games and wandering through the myriad of show bags, before choosing her favourite to buy.

 It was a completely new life experience for Eman and one that has created happy memories that she will remember for a lifetime.

 Achieve Your Goals Under the NDIS

At Afford, we feel so privileged to be part of these transformational moment for our clients. We aim to ensure every individual has the chance to enjoy activities that they love and realise their dreams by having strong support to experience all that they want and more. At Afford, we care!

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