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Language development, emotional management and a delight for the senses are all that clients of Afford’s Kings Park Day Program can now expect from their sensory room, thanks to grant funding provided by a 2018 Community Building Partnerships grant.

Thanks to this vital funding, Kings Park Day Program has created an engaging sensory room that includes two massage chairs, modified equipment and a range of sensory items.

Explore Your Senses

By incorporating these sensory elements at Kings Park, clients can use their senses to smell, touch, taste, move, balance, see and hear a range of stimuli to support them explore and develop their skills and behaviours.

Sensory play involves all the senses and encourages problem-solving and increases brain development. By engaging with different sensory equipment, clients can develop their language to use words to talk about how they feel. They can also access the sensory room to regulate their emotions or improve their fine motor skills.

State-of-the-art Sensory Equipment

The sensory room includes a bubble column that enables our clients to improve visual development, by watching the array of vivid colours and range of different patterns in the tube while holding their head still. Clients can enjoy colours and patterns, or choose to watch ping pong balls or fish visual effects. The tubes can also vibrate to offer a tactile element.

The inclusion of the bubble column gives our clients the choice and freedom to manage their sensory experience. Using a remote control, they can change the colours shown and can even watch as their voice effects the visual displays when they speak into the built-in microphone. This supports the development of communication, as well as tactile and visual development.

The optic wall and massage chairs are also popular inclusions in the sensory room.

The spaghetti-like strands of the optic wall are full of light. They can take on the form of a variety of presentations and are very useful for stimulating both vision and touch. Sensory room fibre optics can be used to entice individuals to interact with their sensory room environment. Fibre optics benefit sensory integration and sensory processing to support participants to engage with their environment.

Fibre optics provide a unique experience. It’s a chance to get close to the light and actually touch and engage with it safely. The interaction is relaxing, bright, and colourful, and it encourages cause and effect education.

Manage Your Emotions, Feelings, and Behaviour

The two massage chairs also play an important role in sensory stimulation for our clients at Kings Park. The chairs have massage foot rollers, true zero gravity recline, back, calf and feet heat, which all provide maximum therapeutic relief and relaxation from head to toe. After using the massage chairs, clients are more relaxed and their stress and anxiety are reduced.

Sensory stimulation is included in many forms throughout our Day Programs across Australia. Find out more about how you can develop your skills through sensory engagement at an Afford Day Program.