The staff and clients at Mt Druitt Community Centre have an incredible bond and throughout the challenges of COVID-19, the team became closer than ever. The team recently came together to create a family tree art installation at their site and it has inspired creativity every day.

Even during challenging times, Afford Community Centres will continue to provide emotional, mental and physical support to encourage everyone to live their best lives.

The Mt Druitt Community Centre clients created a life-size cardboard family tree where everyone can display their most recent artworks. It has been a big hit and represents the family atmosphere of the site.

“Our clients Bruce and Jarrod came up with the idea while we were doing some arts and crafts. After we made the tree and hung it up, everyone got excited to start growing the tree with their art,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Cynthia Obili.

The artwork on the tree reflects everyone’s unique interests and their perception of the world around them. For example, many clients chose to display drawings of jerseys they had personalised or animals they liked.

“Our client Sabrina has been keeping everyone updated with COVID-19 restrictions and that has inspired some of her art. She created a COVID-19 safety sign to remind everyone to keep safe and also printed a coloured face mask to hang on the tree,” continued Cynthia.

Activities such as art therapy are helpful during the lockdown as they can be a great way to educate our clients on how to keep safe whilst also keep their minds sharp and engaged.

The Mt Druitt team has also made sure they keep active throughout the day by challenging each other in basketball, on the trampoline and playing table tennis to keep fit.

Afford Community Centres are supportive and safe environments where everybody is given the opportunity to express themselves and follow their passions.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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