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“One for all and all for one!”

Affordians across Australia wish for the safety and good health of all of our friends in Victoria.

In solidarity with our interstate Affordians, Team Leaders at Afford’s Rouse Hill Day Program in New South Wales joined with staff at Afford’s Noble Park Day Program and group homes across Victoria, to coordinate a virtual Cook-Off Challenge via Zoom!

The Cook-Off Challenge helped to keep spirits high by connecting clients and residents with interstate mates for social interaction. It also served as a reminder that we’re all in this together!

Organised completely through Zoom, the Cook-Off Challenge began with clients and residents donning their aprons and clattering their mixing bowls and pans to put their cooking skills to the test.

Across all the participating Afford sites, 15 clients and residents watched in fascination as the virtual platform connected all these different sites and people on the one screen.

This was the first time that everyone had all ‘met’. Clients from New South Wales, Karen, Karmen, Adriana, Beth and Katriona, said hello to Victorian clients and residents, David, Ryan, Jackson, Jesse, Paul, Rishie, Michael, Jason and Jodie.

The cooking began with New South Wales making chicken wraps thanks to a recipe they picked up from their MasterChef cookbook. Victorian chefs opted for a variety of dishes including, pizza, cheesy gnocchi, stir fry and pancakes.

“How are they here when they live in New South Wales?” One client asked their Team Leader in Victoria. It was a new life experience that helped participants understand that as one community, we can continue to enjoy social interaction in so many different forms.

Aside from the satisfaction of making some sensational culinary creations, the teams truly enjoyed talking with each other over Zoom.

“The Cook-Off was the common goal, but mateship was the result,” said Edward Boghikian, District Manager Victoria.

“Faced with strict lockdown, our residents really loved chatting with their friends in other places around Victoria as well in another state! Thanks to technology, it was just like having them in here, which made everything feel a little more normal.”

With this first Cook-Off being such a success, Afford staff are working towards making this a regular event.

“This experience has helped to keep clients and residents engaged while COVID-related restrictions are in place. It’s heartening to see the Afford community spirit in action and making a positive impact on the lives of many people living with disability.”

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