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Clients at Glen Alpine Group Home enjoyed a fun and interactive day playing mini-golf at Mega Mini Golf in Campbelltown. They all took turns and played friendly matches. It was a great way to keep fit, get outdoors and also improve their maths skills by counting up their scores. It’s always wonderful to see a smile on our clients’ faces, that’s when we know our group homes have truly become a home away from home.

“At Afford, we take such pride in ensuring our group homes have a family feel to them. We want each client to feel welcome and cared for, that’s why we have our support staff at the home to support and care for our clients.” says Enamul Mazumder, Team Leader at Glen Alpine Group Home.

At Glen Alpine, we’ve watched our clients become great friends. They help each other cook, get involved in gardening activities together and try art and craft. The pool in the backyard is a great feature to the house, the clients absolutely love it. Some are learning to swim for the first time. Our group homes are a total lifestyle, from day one you will step into a warm and welcoming environment where your individual abilities and interests will be catered to.

Recently the clients went to Vivid together to see the colourful lights. All of these activities are supervised by our Support Staff who ensure that the clients are happy and safe.

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