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Oran Park locals living with disability are engaging in meaningful and enriching life experiences during isolation thanks to one-to-one support from Afford.

For the past three years, the staff at Afford’s Oran Park Day Program have supported Mathew to get involved in the things he loves, such as going to the gym and immersing himself in nature.

Afford Adapts to Suit Your Needs

Adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, Afford supported Mathew to change from day program based supports to individualised, one-to-one support with an Afford Lifestyle Assistant.

With assistance, Mathew recently visited Mount Annan Botanical Gardens. The outing combined one of his much-loved interests and provided personalised social interaction for a healthy mindset.

“I love going out into nature and enjoying some sun rays,” said Mathew.

Krystan also benefits from one-to-one support from Afford. At home, she explores her creativity through art projects. Her Afford lifestyle assistant encourages her to keep up an exercise routine to stay active and healthy.

Developing Literacy and Numeracy Skills

During one-to-one support, Krystan is also progressing her numeracy and literacy skills. Gaining confidence in using numbers and letters for everyday life is an NDIS goal for her. With her support person, she completes addition and subtraction worksheets and plays fun maths games. Through books, they read for entertainment and explore new places, people and cultures of the world.

Stay Active and Energised

Chris enjoys playing ball games at his home with a lifestyle assistant keeps him happy and active. He also receives encouragement to develop his independent living skills to do household tasks and cook for himself.

Kerem is very friendly and social. Having someone to chat with during puzzle time keeps him stimulated and engaged during isolation. Outings with his support person also give him the chance to get out into the fresh air for exercise.

Jackson loves a stroll in the park but is also happy developing his digital skills at home with support.

Golfing is Lukas’ forte, so a trip to the golf driving range was a real treat for him that was possible thanks to one-to-one support from Afford.

“Recent world events have meant that we have to adapt to different ways of delivering disability supports. With one-to-one in-home supports, our clients can continue to work towards their goals, even while isolation measures are in place,” said Antoinette Imbruglia, Team Leader at Oran Park Day Program.

With individualised support from Afford’s Oran Park Day Program staff, people living with disability in the local community can develop their skills to engage in activities they love and live life their way.

Find out more about Afford one-to-one supports to ensure you continue to participate in the things you love during isolation.