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Jean wants to live life her way. She wants to cook brownies. She wants to go to the park for fresh air and eat lunch outdoors when the sun is shining.

For Jean, one-to-one and group supports through Afford’s Oran Park Day Program give her the freedom and independence to do the things she loves.

When Jean joined Afford almost two years ago, Afford staff at Oran Park sat down with Jean and her family to understand her goals for life. Together, they worked as partners to organise supports for Jean that would help her to achieve her goals.

Over the years, Jean has shown tenacity and enthusiasm to progress her independent living skills.

With her regular day program support person, Heather, Jean enjoys many activities while learning new skills along the way.

In the kitchen, she cooks the most delicious treats and healthy, savoury meals. With support from Heather, Jean has learned to plan for weekly meals and make grocery lists to buy ingredients at the store. Together they use technology to research recipes to create some truly amazing culinary creations.

When out and about, shopping for clothes and household items makes Jean happy. She and Heather window shop or if there is an item that Jean particularly wants to buy, the duo take the opportunity to work on money handling and budgeting skills.

One-to-one support has helped Jean to build confidence in her abilities. She shows increasing pride in taking responsibility for organising her day and making decisions about the activities she wants to do.

Her friendly and social nature means that she has made many friends and looks forward to outings organised by Oran Park staff, as well as through Club Afford.

With Club Afford, Jean has visited the movies, the Zoo, Sydney’s Aquarium and has enjoyed taking in the sights at Darling Harbour.

With each day, Jean is enhancing her life skills to grow in independence to live life her way.

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