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Movement and exercise provide wonderful fitness benefits, but also stimulates the mind and makes us happy. At Afford, we encourage our community to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Keeping your body and mind stimulated is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

New Programs for Clients

For Afford’s Oran Park Day Program clients, they can now participate in the site’s newest well-being program at Shine Shed.

Shine Shed is Sydney’s largest all abilities play centre and sensory play gym. It offers a unique sensory play experience designed to meet the needs of children, teens and young adults with special needs.

The equipment is suited for participants with a variety of needs. Our clients in wheelchairs also have the opportunity to get on the centre’s specially designed swings. They love being part of the action and enjoy being around all their friends in the play gym.

With such a variety of equipment available to suit individuals with special needs, clients can explore independently in a safe environment.

Get Your Body Moving

There are trampolines, rope bridges to cross, balls to bounce on, hammocks to hide in and swings to enjoy. There are so many opportunities for clients to engage in sensory play while strengthening their body and muscles to navigate around the different equipment.

“Its lots of fun!” – Joseph, a client at Oran Park Day Program

Carers Like New Programs

Along with the clients, Oran Park Day Program’s parents and carers see the value in the site’s new Shine Shed program. Carers see that their loved ones are expending energy, having fun, and making friends.

Afford’s Oran Park Day Program is an award winning site that goes above and beyond to ensure that every client is given the opportunity to live life to the full.

Afford staff are always on the look-out for new activities to suit the needs of clients. Our programs are designed to suit the interests of clients, involve sensory and skills development, but most of all, they are meant to be fun!

Find out how Afford Day Programs can help you explore your interests and meet new friends.