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Afford’s Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) provide hundreds of individuals with meaningful work and opportunities to expand their skills.

Enjoying Meaningful Work

Not only are our ADEs a place of employment where employees are supported to learn new skills, but they are also great places to work. Employees have formed strong friendships with their workmates and look forward to going to work every day. They take pride in earning their own money and having the independence to do what they want with the money they save.

Supportive and Welcoming Environments

It is this wonderfully supportive environment that fosters a strong work ethic. Our ADEs deliver quality products for many large businesses, thanks to the positive working atmosphere on the factory floor.

Our Minto ADEs is a leader in pallet manufacturing for a range of businesses. The ADE conducts a variety of business services such as creating timber pallets that are cut to the correct length and then assembled, as well as wooden stakes and pegs which are later on-sold to hardware businesses.

In addition, our Minto ADE supports business through timber finishing services such as grooving of timber and heat treatment of timber for companies exporting products overseas.

But it isn’t only business products that are created by our supported employees. The factory also produces timber products that are added to everyday products bought by consumers. The frames for ensemble beds are cut to size and created right on the factory floor at Minto and then provided to the company to make the finished bed product.

Within the factory, our supported employees and staff feed timber into the docker machine to dock the timber to the correct length, restack timber on other pallets, use the automated pallet machine and assemble pallets using nail guns and other equipment.

“I would just like to pass on my thanks to your team at Afford for your great service and quality of the wooden crates being supplied, and this certainly makes our job so much easier .” – Afford Business Customer.

Afford has long-standing contracts with some of Australia’s most trusted and well-known brands, as well as subcontract arrangements. Afford has earned a reputation as a reliable, hard-working and highly flexible supplier who provides customers with high-quality output and exceptional service delivery.

Achieving Work Goals

Our staff within our ADEs work hard to make sure that every supported employee has the opportunity to achieve their goal goals and gets enjoyment out of the work they do.

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