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On a Saturday afternoon, Paul attends his local church with his wife. He loves to watch movies and socialise with friends afterwards. Some days he goes for a drive along the roads at a national park.

Life has not always been this smooth, but Paul never gave up.

Some years ago, Paul was involved in a motorbike accident that left his right arm paralysed. Since then, Paul found it challenging to find a job in his field of IT hardware as it required him to move use both his arms. So he took on a new study path and began training for AutoCAD design.  Meanwhile he worked part-time as a market researcher on the telephones.

With a zest for life and persistence to keep moving forward, Paul set off to find himself a job after seven years of unemployment. He came across Afford and met with our DES staff, he found Afford’s level of service to be exceptional.

Working with the Afford Liverpool DES staff, Paul identified his goals and his skills. He wanted to continue working in the building industry as an AutoCAD draftsman because he had a passion for the industry and also had relevant training; a Certificate 3 in Detailed Drafting and a Diploma in Building Design.

Afford’s Liverpool DES Employment Consultants met with Paul and assisted him by reviewing and updating his resume, helped him identify his skills, practised interview skills and also attended on-site interviews with him.  The regular support and mentoring boosted Paul’s confidence.

Role playing was an important part of Afford’s support that helped Paul impress at his job interview. It prepared him for the types of questions he may get asked during the interview and what the expectations of the interviewer may be.

Paul’s Employment Consultant helped him make job applications, ensuring that he had the most updated resume and that his applications met the requirements of each job ad.

“Afford Liverpool are very persistent and helpful. They never really gave up on me.” said Paul.

Soon, Paul was interviewed by RJS Aluminium for a Draftsman position. Paul attended the interview by himself and communicated his experiences and skills confidently and was offered the position.

Now, Paul really enjoys his job as an AutoCAD Draftsman.

“I love my job. It’s really empowering to do something I enjoy, to build on my skills and qualifications and it’s really boosted my self-confidence. My favourite part is being able to deal with the buildings side of things, to work with aluminium doors & windows, creating quotes for customers and learning a lot of new things” says Paul.

Paul has been very eager to succeed in his job. He works extremely hard and has refreshed his AutoCAD training recently. His employer is very supportive and understanding of Paul’s need for occasional medical visits and offers him the flexibility to look after his health and wellbeing.

Initially, Paul received regular mentoring and support from Afford Employment Consultants, but he has been performing so well in his job that he no longer requires any support and is an independent worker.

Well done and congratulations Paul!