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It’s natural for us to want to understand where we come from, who our relatives are and the reasons why we do things in a certain way. For Peter, it was more than just curiosity. He wanted to locate a copy of his birth certificate and track down details about his mother so that he can finally become an Australian citizen.

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, residents in Afford Group Homes, just like Peter, are supported to find out more about the world around them and explore things that matter most to them.

One day, Peter asked the team leader at his home in Penrith, Allison, if she could help him delve into his history.

Having journeyed from the United Kingdom to Australia as a four-year-old in 1952, there was little information to start the search. His mother and father passed away some years ago, so there wasn’t an opportunity to get any further information from them.

Not knowing his family history has bothered Peter for many years. He felt that he “didn’t have an identity.”

With Allison’s help, this was soon about to change.

Allison and Peter turned to genealogy.com to begin their search. Peter knew his mother’s maiden name and father’s name. He also had a rough idea about when he came to Australia to start connecting the dots.

In creating a genealogy account for Peter, the two sleuths were able to see photos and family history of the Tomlinson family. There were also boarding documents for when Peter migrated to Australia. Unfortunately, there were no records of Peter’s birth.

Peter thought he could be adopted. This could explain why there was little information about Peter on geneology.com.

Allison supported Peter to apply to the UK births, deaths and marriages department in the hope of locating his birth certificate.

Weeks passed with no word, until one day Peter received a letter in the mail sent from the UK. The letter confirmed his adoption in 1948. It also provided information about his birth mother, including her name and occupation. In addition, the letter included the date he was adopted to the Tomlinson family.

Peter was ecstatic! He felt like he was getting somewhere.

A slight hurdle meant that UK law required Peter to appoint an approved adoption agency to oversee any further records if he wanted to get more information about his adoption and receive his birth certificate.
Allison’s great researching skills helped her locate an approved adoption agency in Sydney to assist Peter in securing information regarding his birth mother and then finally, his birth certificate.

Peter’s journey through his family history with Allison has taken over a year to complete. With Allison’s support throughout the process, Peter now has peace of mind about his place in the world.

Allison will now support Peter to apply for citizenship and achieve one of his goals for life.

“It has been an amazing experience for Peter and I am so proud to have been a part of his magnificent journey. We care about giving our residents opportunities to achieve their goals and do the things that matter to them,” said Allison Storjohann, Team Leader at Afford’s True Blue Group Home.

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