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Living in Australia, where a trip to the beach or local swimming pool to cool down is a usual outing, being water-wise is a must. But being comfortable and confident in the water does take time.

Peter is a client of Afford’s Canley Vale Day Program. He has always wanted to go along to the gym and swim program and participate in the gym sessions but has never wanted to get into the water.

Get the Right Support

Every week, support staff from Canley Vale would introduce Peter to the water. Each week, they would edge closer to the water, but never get in.

Slowly, after months of receiving encouragement and support from his support staff, Peter entered the water for the first time! Once in the water, he loved it!

Achieve Your Goals

Peter was able to splash around and feel the weightless sensation of being in the water. Everyone was very proud of this milestone for Peter. Most importantly, Peter was proud of himself. He has trusted in his abilities and challenged himself to try something new.

The following week, Peter was ready and rearing to get into the water. He was super excited and confident that he could do it.

Build Confidence

Today, Peter has developed his skills and water safety knowledge. He is comfortable moving around in the water with support. Peter has come a long way since he began with Afford. From being unsure of the water, he now loves to participate with his friends.

With the right encouragement and a positive, supportive environment offered by Afford, anything is possible!

Afford Genuinely Cares

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