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Afford is trusted by thousands of people every day to deliver services and supports that help them to achieve the life they want to live under the NDIS.

Allied Health Therapies

Our Allied Health team offers a range of therapies all under the one Afford umbrella. We have professionals in speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology and now also physiotherapy to support clients achieve their goals.

We Have Supports Across Australia

It’s all about providing choice in the supports that matter most to our clients and their families and carers. We have Allied Health supports across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria; available for those in the Afford community to access if and when they need it.

Physiotherapists work on your gross motor function, help you to develop and practice new or existing motor skills, and help you enjoy life better. Our team of physiotherapists use a variety of strategies to improve an individual’s strength, flexibility, coordination and motor control to help achieve the independence.

Working With You

The first step involves working with one of our physiotherapists to assess your goals and factors of your life that need to be developed and supported, so that you can work towards achieving those goals together.

From there, physiotherapists will develop strategies and methods, in partnership with you and your family or carer, for an individualised treatment plan.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy support addresses your unique needs, your lifestyle and achieving your goals to live your best life.

Physiotherapy can help individuals with:

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Mobility and transfer, walking aids prescription
  • Flexibility and range for motion exercises
  • Balance and posture training
  • Coordination and dexterity training
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Pain and fatigue management

For more information on Afford’s Allied Health supports or physiotherapy in particular, contact Afford on 1300 233 673.